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Lions Stay Undefeated After Dominant Home Debut (Slideshow)

A&M-Commerce is starting out its season hot with no plans to cool off. The Lions stayed unbeaten on the young season as they steam rolled past Our Lady of the Lake, 111-64 at the Commerce Field House. A&M-Commerce (3-0) came out strong in their home debut at the Field House putting up 111 points, six points more than any game last season. Leading scorer in the game went to one of the newest additions on the roster. That would be, Tyree Robinson, who had a game-high 20 points and a...

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A startup genetics company says it's now offering to sequence your entire genome at no cost to you. In fact, you would own the data and may even be able to make money off it.

Nebula Genomics, created by the prominent Harvard geneticist George Church and his lab colleagues, seeks to upend the usual way genomic information is owned.

If you hold your nose and take a sip of coffee, mostly what you'll taste is a bitter liquid. Much of the gustatory pleasure we take from coffee comes from its aroma.

But a new study suggests people's sensitivity to that bitter taste plays a role in how much coffee they drink. And though it seems counterintuitive, the study shows that the more sensitive you are to the bitter taste of coffee, the more of it you tend to drink.

Officials are still tallying losses and combating both growing and receding fires as several large blazes rage across California. Meanwhile, a list of missing persons in Butte County is now seven pages long, totaling some 300 names.

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Saudi Arabia's public prosecutor is calling for the death penalty for five people accused of involvement in the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, the journalist and critic of the royal regime who died last month at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Saud al-Mojeb issued a statement saying that his office has indicted 11 suspects, adding that the prosecutor "has requested the death penalty for (5) individuals who are charged with ordering and committing the crime."

The five members of the team "have confessed to the murder," the prosecutor said.

Newly elected Democratic mayor Arturo Garino was busy with Election Day when the Army arrived in Nogales and started erecting coils of glistening razor wire along the tops of the border wall that separates his small U.S. town from its sister in Mexico.

"Razor wire, concertina wire is not what you want to see on a fence with two countries that have been friends and traded forever," he said.

Operation Secure Line

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Northeast Texas Trail, Facebook

Jack Neal, the director of the Northeast Texas Trail, recently took a trip to the Big Bend region of Texas, and says the NETT has a lot in common with that remote, rugged region.  The Northeast Texas Trail extends for about 130 miles from Farmersville to New Boston on old railway right of ways.

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