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The Republican State Senator for District 2 is looking to trigger a conversation at the federal level regarding Social Security for civil servants in Texas.

Gabriel Benois
Gabriel Benois

At the end of its 2018 fiscal year, the Fannin County Children’s Center says the rate of abuse cases around the county has more than doubled from the year before. So has the number of forensic interviews conducted.

According to the FCCC, the Children’s Advocacy Center "received 266 new referrals in the fiscal year ending August 31, 2018. This was a 116 percent increase over the previous year. The CAC staff also conducted 240 forensic interviews in the same year, which was a 124 percent increase over the previous year when 107 interviews were done. 

 Trisha Downing

Drought in Texas has not been good for the state’s cotton crops. Neither has all the rain. Depending on where growers are in the state, extra dry or extra wet weather has been problematic for cotton growers. That’s according to the Texas Farm Bureau, which reports that cotton harvests across the US are down about 5 percent from last season. And that despite that plantings are up more than 11 percent.

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Millennials in Texas cities are suffering the weight of debt more than anywhere in the country. So says a report released this week by finance and loan website LendingTree.


Update, 3:20 p.m.: The 9-1-1 syatem is back up. However, NCTCOG "will continue to monitor before making the decision to return to normal operations. 9-1-1 calls are still being manually rerouted to the ten digit non-emergency number."

Statement by North Central Texas Council On Goverments -911 on Wednesday's 9-1-1 outage.

If you are being affected by the outage, call local non-emergency numbers for emergencies.

NCTCOG Homepage:

A Lamar County woman is in the hospital in Plano after officials say she was mauled by a pack of dogs in Deport this weekend. The Lamar County Sheriff’s Office says 74-year-old Jackie Brooks was visiting her sister and went for a walk near County Road 16080 on Saturday morning.

A minor school bus accident sent four North Lamar ISD students to the hospital this morning. In a statement, District Superintendent Jason Adams said None of the students’ injuries were serious, and some students were quickly released.  

Feeding America
Feeding America

Nearly 2 million households in Texas are considered “food insecure” by the US Department of Agriculture.  On Wednesday, the USDA released a study of how many American households either cannot easily afford or have limited access to food. That study found that 14 percent of Texas households were considered food insecure through 2017. That compares to a national average of just below 12 percent.

WalletHub / WalletHub

The best place to buy a house in the U.S.? North and Northeast Texas. That’s according to a new report by personal finance website WalletHub, which ranks three Collin County cities as the top three markets to buy in the country.

Herald Banner / Herald Banner

Funeral services for Hunt County Judge John Horn are set for Friday. The Herald Banner reported that county offices will be closed so that county employees may attend the services.

Horn unexpectedly died over the weekend. His death has left a question of filling his seat. Horn was running for re-election in November. He was unopposed on the ballot. County Commissioner Jim Latham told the Herald Banner that Horn’s name will remain on the ballot and that a new county judge will be appointed in 2019.

Sulphur Springs police Sunday arrested a man they say drove more than 100 miles across the state to dump a woman’s body, and then got his car got stuck in a ravine.

Mark Haslett
Mark Haslett, KETR News

U.S. Customs & Immigration Enforcement said Friday that the number of undocumented workers arrested in an enforcement raid on A sumner-area business is 159. Of those, 145 were Mexico nationals. The remainder a mix of Guatemalan, Honduran, and Salvadoran nationals.

It’s almost Labor Day and that means a three-day weekend for most working people – but not for everyone. Not even for everyone at Texas A&M University-Commerce. 

If you’re a student at A&M-Commerce this semester, you will have the day off, but if you’re staff, you won't.

That’s because for this academic year, the Texas State Legislature has decreed that state universities get 13 holidays. Last year, there were 14. Any given year, the number will be between 12 and 15.

Campbell Soup Co. announced Thursday that it will be selling off its fresh foods and international businesses to concentrate on its core soups and snacks businesses. The move is not expected to affect the company’s soup canning plant in Paris. The company is looking o save nearly a billion dollars by 2022.

Hunt County Constable Don Morrison says he’s stepping down from his post.