After Prop 6 vote, attention turns to state water plan

Nov 11, 2013

Proposition 6 passed last week with over 73 percent of Texas voters approving the measure that will take $2 billion out of the state’s Economic Stabilization Fund, often called the "Rainy Day Fund," and use the money for financing water projects.

The new water fund will be managed by the Texas Water Development board. Proposition 6 was supported by Republicans and Democrats, with people from across the political spectrum endorsing the measure. Opposition to proposition six also came from a diversity of voices. On the right, some felt that dipping into the economic stabilization fund was irresponsible and unnecessary. On the left, some grassroots environmentalists said that the money seemed destined to be a slush fund for well-connected businesses to land fat government contracts. Some environmentalists also said the move would continue Texas’ emphasis on development at the expense of conservation.

However, most mainstream environmental groups supported Prop 6. Austin-based Environment Texas was one group that celebrated the measure’s approval. Environment Texas director Luke Metzger says his organization is now focusing on the state water plan and the specific projects in the plan.