Debit Card Scam Hits Paris

Jun 20, 2017

Paris Police are investing a rash of debit and credit card frauds. Lt John Berry said the department received calls from five separate residents Monday afternoon claiming others were using their cards to buy things. 

So far, Berry said, the department has tracked purchases made in Florida, Georgia, and New York, as well as one online purchase. But it being so early in the investigation, police don’t yet know how the incidents are related.


Berry said he has not seen a common denominator relating the fraud victims yet, but recommends keeping an especially close eye on personal finances tied to any kind of online or electronic system, as crooks can get hold of information and start using your money long before you get any statements in the mail.

"If people are waiting for a bill at the end of the month, and this happened on the first of the month, that's a long time for this to be going on without anyone knowing about it," he said.

Police do not yet know what the card thieves have purchased.