TransCanada to Begin Trench Work This Week in Lamar County

Sep 25, 2012

LAMAR COUNTY - The oil company received approval from the Army Corps of Engineers this summer to construct the Gulf Coast leg of its pipeline project that begins in Cushing, Oklahoma.

TransCanada cleared their biggest hurdle last month following a judge’s ruling allowing them to right to eminent domain through a Lamar County farm. But property owner Julia Crawford tells KETR she plans to appeal. 

The Paris News reports that officials say the pipeline will bring lots of jobs, workers and money to Lamar County and the other counties chosen for the route.

“There is usually an economic bump for local businesses during construction,” said Steve Gilbert of Paris Economic Development Corp.

The multi-billion dollar project should take at least a year to complete.

Local activists have been vocal against TransCanada in recent weeks. On September 5, they chained themselves to site-clearing equipment in Hopkins County. While there were no arrests then, five were taken into custody last week after conducting similar protests near Winnsboro.