Wednesday evening storms bring damage to Randolph

Jun 13, 2012

FANNIN COUNTY - Three people were hospitalized after storms Wednesday night brought winds that flipped a mobile home in Fannin County and softball sized hail that shattered multiple car windows in Dallas.

Update at 7:30am: Fannin County Emergency Management Coordinator Darrell Brewer tells the Associated Press that three people are in stable condition after their home in the Randolph community was turned on its side.

Oncor maps indicated Thursday morning that power has been restored to multiple customers who were without service Wednesday night.

Update at 10:15pm: ONCOR now indicates power outages for approximately 59 customers in Wolfe City on the back end of these storms. Repairs are underway and electrical service is set to resume at or about midnight tonight.

The storms are dying down in intensity at this hour. As we learn more information about the damage at Randolph, we'll pass it along.