Glenn Parker

A road splits a dense patch of forest in the Waco Bay Estate near Lake Tawakoni.
Brittany Gryder

Carey Mae Parker's son reveals that Carey's father Howard admitted to killing someone decades earlier in a foreign country. 

A sign warns would-be trespassers in the Waco Bay Estate development near Lake Tawakoni.
Brittany Gryder

A Hunt County detective identifies a person of interest in Carey Mae Parker's disappearance: Her dad.

The view across Duck Cove in Lake Tawakoni's Waco Bay.
Brittany Gryder

It's been over two decades since Cody's ex-girlfriend Carey Mae Parker disappeared. But even after all these years, Carey is very much on Cody's mind. 

A sign at the entrance of Hawk Cove, TX.
Brittany Gryder

Years after Carey Mae Parker went missing, her family started hearing rumors about a party. And a fight.

Night shot of property along state highway 276 in Quinlan, TX.
Brittany Gryder

After two years without help from the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office, Carey Mae Parker’s family launches its own investigation. 

A view of the E-Z Mart in Quinlan, TX, in 2017.
Brittany Gryder

The family of a young Texas woman who went missing in 1991 makes a shocking discovery: For 19 years, law enforcement didn't investigate.