NBA Playoffs

New host, new opinions

Jun 21, 2013
Jordan Davis / Facebook

Jordan Davis officially joined KETR's Locker Room on Friday, and sat down with Cooper and Big Chris for an on-air "interview". Also discussed: NBA & NHL Playoffs, the Texas Rangers, and Aaron Hernandez.

If coaches can be traded, what next?

Jun 18, 2013
Keith Allison /

Though it fell through, the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers had been discussing a somewhat unusual trade. The guys discuss this, Tim Tebow's NFL future, the NBA Finals, and the Texas Rangers.

Ted Robbins / NPR

Today the guys discuss what needs to happen for soccer to become a major sport in the U.S., and their 'Mount Rushmores' of sport. Also discussed: the NBA Finals, the NHL playoffs, and the Texas Rangers.

Turf, track, softball new at A&M-Commerce

May 31, 2013
Lion Athletics / Lion Athletics

Memorial Stadium and the A&M-Commerce Soccer Field are getting new turf and the track is also being renovated. Josh Jorgensen discussed this and the new softball team with Cooper and Big Chris.

Could one player change the destiny of the Cowboys?

May 29, 2013
rforestano /

Earlier this week, Michael Strahan got into a Twitter feud with Cowboys fans.

Are the rich just getting richer?

May 21, 2013

Today Ryan & Cooper discuss Robert Griffin III's wedding registry fiasco and also talk some other sport controversies. The show ends with NBA playoffs and the Rangers.

Would you choose the Mavs or the Miracle?

May 16, 2013

If you could go back in time to any sporting event, what would you choose? Cooper, Kevin, and Ryan share their favorite sporting moments and also talk about the NBA Playoffs and the Texas Rangers.

Jared Horn / TAMUC Photo

Taylor and Ryan are out of town, so KETR's Kevin Jefferies and Mark Haslett joined Cooper Welch on the Locker Room today to discuss some big sports questions, and talk a little NBA and NHL playoff action.

Could Rose return put a thorn in the Heat's championship plans?

May 7, 2013
Colleen Casey / Flickr

The Bulls defeated the Heat in Game 1 Monday night 93-86, and now many are calling for Derrick Rose to return. Should he? The guys also cover the rest of the NBA Playoffs.

A new assistant AD may mean a new hope for the Lions

May 3, 2013
Daniel Starks / 88.9 KETR

Today the guys sat down with new Assistant Athletic Director for A&M-Commerce, Josh Jorgensen. They also discussed the surprisingly competitive NBA playoffs and the recent losing streak for the Rangers.

Cowboys' 2013 draft report card: C

Apr 30, 2013
Tidalist (Mark) of Tidalpix Photography / Tidalpix Photography

The Cowboys' draft didn't go as many expected, and a lot of fans aren't very happy with it. The guys grade the draft for the Cowboys and the NFL as a whole, then talk about Jason Collins and the NBA playoffs.

Cowboys trade down, down fans' hopes

Apr 26, 2013
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The Cowboys didn't take who most people expected them to, or wanted them to. The guys talk about the draft overall, the Rangers, and injuries in the NBA playoffs.

Eagles' Super Bowl streak to continue?

Apr 23, 2013
San Diego Chargers /

The past four seasons, the team to play the Philadelphia Eagles in the Philadelphia home opener has gone on to win the Super Bowl that season. This year the San Diego Chargers face the Eagles in their home opener. Will the streak continue?

Josh Hamilton: Bothered Angel

Apr 12, 2013
Keith Allison /

The boo birds greeted Josh Hamilton and his family in their return to Arlington, and a few fans may have gone too far. Also discussed: The Rangers, NBA playoffs, the Mavs' elimination from the playoffs, and the NFL draft.