Only three people remain on the seven-place Sulphur Springs city council.
Cindy Roller

Sulphur Springs Council To Appoint New Member, New Mayor Friday

A chaotic couple of weeks in Sulphur Springs municipal government is expected to conclude on Friday with a special meeting of the city council. The city’s governing body is charged with the task of keeping municipal government functioning in the aftermath of four resignations from the seven-person Sulphur Springs city council.

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A documentary-style podcast uncovers details about the case of a young rural-Texas mother of three who disappeared 19 years before being reported missing.
A&M-Commerce Marketing Communications

Texas A&M-Commerce President Dr. Mark Rudin and Associate Professor Dr. LaVelle Hendricks explain the University's civility initative, in which the Dale Carnegie organization is providing training to University faculty and staff.  Dr.

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A Contraband Christmas Tree

2 hours ago

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There was a time when "Medicare for All" was not a part of Sen. Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaign. It was March.

In 2008, psychologists proposed that when humans are shown an unfamiliar face, they judge it on two main dimensions: trustworthiness and physical strength. These form the basis of first impressions, which may help people make important social decisions, from whom to vote for to how long a prison sentence should be.

Democrats are on track to impeach the president by the end of next week. After more than 14 hours of consideration Thursday, the House Judiciary Committee is expected to approve impeachment articles against President Trump Friday morning.

Tucked inside a must-pass defense bill expected to make its way through the Republican-controlled Senate next week is a sweeping policy change: 12 weeks of paid parental leave for all 2.1 million federal employees.

It's not a surprise that Carolyn Maloney, the Democratic congresswoman from New York, would be celebrating the move. She's been working to get it passed for two decades, after her own experience in the workplace.

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British voters have delivered a stunning victory to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party, giving the champion of Brexit a large majority in the House of Commons and the support he needs to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union in January.