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Flynn works to ensure U.S. Constitution taught

By Scott Harvey

Van – A bill filed by State Representative Dan Flynn will address what he calls a lack of knowledge among students concerning American History.

House Bill 2362 would retain the historical importance of U.S. Constitution. Flynn (R-Van) cites a troubling decline in the fundamental principles that guided our founding fathers in their formation of our current form of government. The bill would require that all 12th graders take a class for one semester on the US Constitution studying its creation, foundations and amendments.

"I am concerned that the failure to spend adequate time on the fundamental document of our representative form of government during a time when young adults are planning to vote for the first time is a direct result of distractions with less important requirements and time spent funding many politically correct programs and mandating how they should be run at both the State and Federal level," Flynn said. "The few days currently spent in High school on this subject pale in comparison to the time spent on other subjects and a more equal weight should be provided."

This legislation is in part a defense against the push for national education standards and will begin to address federal overreach, according to Flynn.
He further said, "Empowering bureaucrats instead of parents is not the right course for the citizens of Texas."

Flynn represents the citizens of District 2 which include Hunt, Rains and Van Zandt counties.