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VIDEO: Oops, Or How A $1.5M Ferrari Ends Up In The Ocean

Today, the Canadian press picked up on a video that seems to have been making the rounds on car sites for a few days. Here's how the Toronto Sunintroduces it:

Zahir Rana wanted to give spectators at the Targa Newfoundland rally a show they'd never forget — he did just that after putting a $1.5 million Ferrari into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Calgary-based car connoisseur and owner of ZR Auto was manoeuvring a 2003 Ferrari Edo Enzo — one of only 400 ever made — around a corner last Thursday, halfway through the week-long rally in Marystown, N.L., and landed the 840-horsepower high-priced supercar in the drink.

The good news: No one was hurt. Here's the video:

"My first thoughts were 'oh my god'," Rana says on the video. "I mean, I love my car and to me it's the best thing ever. But then, as I realized, I thank God that I'm well and fine. And it's only a car. It's not a big deal."

As you might imagine, this sort of thing has happened before. Most notably it happened in Texas, when a man distracted by a low flying pelican drove his million-dollar Bugatti into a lake.

It's so common, we found a whole website dedicated to "wrecked exotics."

(H/T: Storyful)

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Eyder Peralta is NPR's East Africa correspondent based in Nairobi, Kenya.