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Historic landmark in need of renovation, funding

COMMERCE - The Commerce Public Library has launched a campaign to "Save the Library" by obtaining funds to renovate the building.

Library Board of Directors member Karl Clauss says the building hasn't received a major upgrade since it was constructed in 1917.

"This is actually a historic building - it's actually part of the historic designated buildings - so we're going through the Texas Historical Society," Clauss said. "In order to come up with something tangible we have to have a budget. And then we are going out for fundraising. "

Since the city owns the building at 1210 Park Street, the library is asking them to have a civil engineer come in and assess the facility's needs. But as a 501c3 organization, it'll be up to the Commerce Public Library to develop a fundraising plan to supply those building needs.

Clauss added, "I call it the jewel of buildings in the City of Commerce. It's really one of the prettiest buildings. It has a lot of history. It used to be a post office at one point and was converted to the library. And it's deteriorating and it's really a shame."

Clauss was not sure how much it may take to restore the building, but said it could reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.