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Bostonians Offer Up Their Homes To Stranded Runners


Now back to our lead story: Yesterday's bombings in Boston. There's been an outpouring of support for the victims and for the entire city of Boston. Afghan President Hamid Karzai, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and Pope Francis are among the many world leaders who have offered condolences.


Runners from around the country pledged on social media to wear race shirts to work today, in solidarity with the marathon runners. And in the Boston area, thousands of residents have offered up spare bedrooms for the families or friends of the injured through a Google document titled "I Have a Place to Offer." It was created by the website Boston.com.

BLOCK: Zachary Miller, from the Boston suburb of Newton, wrote this: Can offer room, meals, and pick up-drop off anywhere a car can go.

SIEGEL: And there's this from Laura Keeler in the neighborhood Jamaica Plain: Guest room and two couches available to those who need a place. Very friendly dog for lots of post-marathon hugs.

BLOCK: Just two of the more than 5,000 offers of accommodation and support to those affected by the bomb attacks at the Boston Marathon yesterday.

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