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Advertising, underwriting, spots, commercials, promos... whatever you call it, you're after some announcements. 88.9 KETR can help.

On the air
We call our paid on-air spots 'underwriting announcements.' We intentionally avoid calling them 'commercials' or 'advertising' because of federal rules that apply to noncommercial radio stations... but don't worry. We understand what you're after and we think we can help. We have certain 'per-spot' prices for certain times of the day - we call this our "Rate Card Price Schedule." Most usually, though, businesses buy our on-air announcements as part of a package that includes multiple months, bringing the per-spot rate down significantly. We will always follow these rules when crafting on-air messaging that works for you.

We've got two primary types of on-air messaging: Program Sponsorship and General Underwriting.

Program Sponsorships connect your messaging/announcements to one or more specific radio program(s) on 88.9 KETR. For instance, you may choose to sponsor Morning Edition, Notably Texan, sports broadcasts or The Blacklands Café, among many others. Program Sponsorships are available from 13-week to 52-week blocks, and are a fantastic way to supplement your marketing mix by associating your brand with our award-winning programs.

General Underwriting puts your dollars to work in support of all of KETR's programs and services. Packages abound, including our very popular Total Audience Plan, which we call our "Basic Package," available at multiple investment levels to fit any marketing budget. As of February 2020, 85% of 88.9 KETR's announcement sales are general underwriting.

Did you know that we can program announcements to run ahead of the online simulcast of our program stream? This means that when someone goes to listen to 88.9 KETR through ketr.org, or through their mobile device or smart speaker, YOUR MESSAGE could reach them first, before the program stream starts! We call this "Pre-Roll Advertising," and the price is set based on factors like monthly stream listenership and availability, and we can target these spots to happen only during specific times of specific days, or even during specific on-air programs, if you like. 

We have many ways to put your messaging and brand front and center. We offer 300x250 advertising tiles on our award-winning website, ketr.org. We are also always producing some kind of on-demand content for our audiences and can include your sponsorship message INSIDE a podcast or an interview or an archive recording. 

Contact us
The best way to avail your brand of 88.9 KETR's dedicated listeners is to make it clear you support their favorite station! Contact us today to let us get started crafting your message. Email or call 903-886-5848 today.