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Holiday Gift Ideas for a College Budget

'Tis the season to...spend lots of money?
That's what I felt like after doing some major Christmas shopping today. There are always so many people to buy for: I don't want anyway to be left out, or think I didn't care enough to spend more time or money on them.

So tonight, I've tracked down some tips from another great blog called Surviving College Life, and I'm also going to throw in a couple of my own:

-Make it personal

If your funds are lacking, make the gift more personal so the recipient knows you still put some thought into it. Go for something that plays on the persons hobbies or interests, or something that is significant to the two of you. Maybe a keychain from their favorite movie or game, or a picture frame with a message on it. In this case, it really is the thought that counts.

-Buy in bulk

Making a complete 180 from the above tip, if you have lots of friends to buy some little gifts for (your coworkers, fellow members of a club or organization, etc), try getting some gifts in bulk that you can put together into a little package. For example, get some candy canes, hot cocoa, ornaments, and put one or two of each in a cute holiday tumbler for a large quantity of gifts that cost only a few bucks each!

Here is the link to the Surviving College Life tips:


And here is a list of 63 gift ideas for under $10


Share your budget gift-giving ideas below!

Happy Holidays!

-Heather H.