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Commission aims to bring films to Northeast Texas

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Kari Kramer with camera

COOPER - Since 2006, the Northeast Texas Regional Film Commission has been promoting movie production in the area, working to connect filmmakers with cities, landowners, business owners and local resources. 

“Our job at the Film Commission is to collect resources in our area to promote to filmmakers around the state and country,” said Kari Kramer, NETRFC sub-region 1 director. “But, we have to have the cooperation and involvement of those in the community to do so.”

The Commission is currently seeking resources throughout Northeast Texas, especially in Hopkins, Delta and Lamar county. Those with land, structures, businesses, services or personal property that are open to being involved can have their resources registered with the Commission.

“It can be any type of resource,” explained Kramer. “It can be land, a barn, a house, a business property or private road that filmmakers may want to use to shoot a feature.

“In addition, we’re looking for things like old cars, farm machinery, equipment, antiques —virtually anything a filmmaker may have trouble finding.”

According to Kramer, the possibilities are endless. Pictures and information about the property will be recorded and kept on file with the Commission.

By cataloging these resources, they can help filmmakers find what they need when scouting for locations and materials.

“In most cases, there’s an opportunity for property owners to create some revenue for themselves by being involved, if their resources are utilized,” said Kramer. “That obviously varies on a case-by-case basis, but it’s a potential income source many people never consider.”

In addition to property, the Commission also hopes to compile a list of area services filmmakers can utilize when on-location. Catering and laundry services, hotels and equipment rental businesses are just a few examples.

“When filmmakers from out of state or the region come to an area, they usually don’t know where to find these types of things,” added Kramer. “We can encourage them to shoot in an area if we can provide them with a list of cooperative businesses ready to make their endeavor easier.”

In addition to private individuals and businesses, Kramer said the Commission encourages local city governments, counties and Chamber of Commerce divisions to become members. The dues paid help the Commission promote the resources in the area.

The NETRFC has seen great success with the process in cities like Pittsburg and Jefferson, where the local government and citizens have offered cooperation, support and resources.

“I don’t think some city officials realize the revenue they are missing out on by not being involved with this film movement happening in Northeast Texas right now,” said Kramer. “When filmmakers come to an area, they spend a great deal of money housing, feeding and supplying actors and crew, not to mention it has potential as a tourism draw.

“My hope for this area is that people come to understand how many untapped resources we have in our counties and embrace the potential to make something big happen here.”

Those with property or services who are interested in being registered with the NETRF can email Kramer at NETRFCregion1@gmail.com.

More information about the NETRFC is available on their website www.netexasmovies.com.