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88.9 FM broadcast antenna upgrades are underway and will affect the ability to tune into the station for the duration. Our programming continues, however, via our live stream at ketr.org, on TuneIn radio, via the NPR app, and at Apple Music.

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A few times each year, Your Station opens the doors to new members. This is your opportunity to become a supporting member of 88.9, a "Friend of KETR."

The financial health of public broadcasting depends on listeners who become supporting members. That's what we're doing this week. We're offering you the opportunity to become a supporting member of 88.9 KETR and help keep this great programming on the air for all your neighbors here in Northeast Texas.

That's the what. The why is pretty simple, too.

88.9 is supported in part by the great State of Texas (through our association with Texas A&M University-Commerce,) the federal government (via the Corporation for Public Broadcasting,) a host of corporate sponsors, and an ever-growing list of generous people just like you, looking to keep this vital news and weather resource, this outlet of our talented athletic youth, and this proponent of education, entertainment, and discourse up and running for ANOTHER 37 years.

When 88.9 raises $100K in non-federal funds each year, we remain eligible for nearly $200K in support from Congress, as well as from the State of Texas. In this last fiscal year, individual memberships accounted for over 77% of KETR's non-federal funding.

That's over $77,000 donated to 88.9 KETR last fiscal year from folks JUST LIKE YOU who decided to show their financial support for their favorite radio programs. Or maybe they wanted to help replace dilapidated equipment on which future broadcasters  and current college students are learning and developing their skills. And our transmitter building on Culver Street is in desperate need of an upgrade.

We're pressing ahead into a new reality where there just aren't as many dollars to go around as there once was. We know that. But we also know that you value the content we offer, or you wouldn't be reading this. Our website users alone accounted for nearly 15% of last year's funding!

The how is simplest of all.

At the top of this page, click "support this station." Fill out the form, choose a thank you gift, press submit. Then relax. Go get a cup of coffee. Be at ease in the knowledge that you've done something to help keep the news, the education, the entertainment, and the culture of Northeast Texas alive and well. And enjoy the special programming this week, which includes some of the very best moments from NPR, A Prairie Home Companion, and from our local shows here at 88.9.

And thank you.

Jerrod Knight
88.9 KETR General Manager

Jerrod Knight oversees station programming, news and sports operations, individual and corporate development efforts, business and budget planning and execution, and technical operations.