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Local Interest

Local Impact of Hostess Troubles

Recently we’ve heard of the possible liquidation of Hostess. For most, this news was shocking and heart-wrenching, since Hostess is the maker of many childhood confectionery treats. The Irving based, eighty two year old company has had a major impact on our culture. Treats, such as Twinkies, Dingdongs and Moon Pies, have become a staple of junk food life for all ages. There have been many references within pop culture, such as Ghostbusters “now that’s a big Twinkie,” and Woody Harrelson’s character worrying about the world's "Twinkie gage" getting low in the zombie apocalypse movie Zombieland (Video contains mild language).

So it was for some, a sad moment when they heard about Hostess closing down. I asked people what they thought about the situation at the Hostess Outlet store in Greenville. One woman said that she thought Hostess would always be around.  One woman felt sad that kids after this point would not be able to joy Hostess again. One little boy came in with his mother, and when he saw there was nothing left, he asked if he could go to another store to find more things. The other customers in line told the boy that there was nowhere else to go, and that this was the only Hostess Outlet in the area. The cashier told me that she had planned to retire in four years, but that she couldn’t do that now because of the company possibly shutting down. She fears she might have to look elsewhere for employment.

Despite all the sadness with losing the brand, there has been talk of Hostess being bought by another company, and there is a possibility that the workers on strike could make a deal with the. Hopefully the negotiation will conclude, and a national treasure will be saved.

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