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A KETR "Au Revoir" to One of Our Own

Cristy Boucher
Cristy Boucher

There was a time, not too very long ago, when outsiders were allowed to visit the 88.9 KETR studio complex. And since February of 2013, one of the first faces those visitors would see was that of administrative assistant Cristy Boucher, who retired on May 29, 2020.

Cristy came to 88.9 KETR after a well-established career in support of higher education. A proud Aggie originally from the town of College Station, TX, Cristy had accumlated professional stops at Texas A&M University, Virginia Tech, and most recently, Plymouth State University.

In addition to greeting visitors and handling all manner of online and telephone inquiries, Cristy also directed all of 88.9 KETR's revenue in and out, created and helped to execute countless contracts, and served as a model liaison between the public service of the region's most powerful FM signal and the region's most notable institution of higher learning.

Many KETR faithful will remember fondly interacting with Cristy at the 'KETR Tent' during Texas A&M University-Commerce football tailgates or the Commerce Fourth of July Celebrations or even at Bois d'Arc Bash each year. Most might never know how well she helped to navigate 88.9 KETR through many infrastructure changes and challenges as a university department, which is how the station is organized within the context of TAMUC.

Cristy at the 2013 Bois d'Arc Bash
Credit Jerrod Knight
Cristy (right) with KETR staff members Daniel Starks and Michael Pride in September, 2013.

We offer our heartfelt thanks to Cristy for her service and contributions to the leadership, staff, and audience of 88.9 KETR, to her colleagues at TAMUC, to the State of Texas, and to higher education.

Further, we offer a hearty congratulations on a well-earned retirement! We wish Cristy good health, safety, and much enjoyment as she moves on to her next chapter. She will be dearly missed.

Cristy says goodbye to Chris Watson.
Cristy organized a farewell event for former KETR staffer Chris Watson (right.) Other current and former employees pictured include Matt Meinke, Cooper Welch, Daniel Starks, Mark Haslett, and Jerrod Knight.

Cristy and KETR staff model KETR ball caps.
Here, Cristy joins other KETR staffers to model the official ball cap of 88.9 KETR, still available to donors!

Cristy celebrates KETR's 44th anniversary.
Cristy helps KETR to celebrate 44 years on the air in April 2019, alongside other staff members.

Cristy watches as John Ballotti reads a proclamation in 2015.
In 2015, Cristy joins KETR GM Jerrod Knight while then Commerce mayor Dr. John Ballotti reads a proclamation celebrating 88.9 KETR's 40 years on the air.