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Convo: Why Are We So Afraid of Speaking in Front of Others?

Speech and presentation coach Eileen Sinett gets to the heart of why people are so afraid to speak up.

Fear of speaking. It’s actually true that it’s a bigger fear for people than flying, bugs, and even death.

For this episode of my podcast, Convo, I spoke with Eileen Sinett, a speech coach and owner of Speaking That Connects, in New Jersey.

It turns out the fear of speaking in front of people, whether giving a formal speech or speaking up in a meeting at work, has deep roots. A lot of times, it starts in school, or even with trauma.

Or, maybe, just because a person simply doesn’t like to talk to people.

Whatever the cause, the effects can be great. And the fear of speaking up can hinder us in our everyday lives. One solution: teach kids early that they have a voice, Sinnett says. Teach them to dismiss the self-doubts and self-judgments about talking in front of people.

Admittedly, that’s good for kids. But what about adults who are more on the introverted side, like your truly? Well, there’s a way to do that too, without trying to turn an introvert into an extrovert.

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