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Buried Episode 05: Every Single Drop

It's been over two decades since Cody's ex-girlfriend Carey Mae Parker disappeared. But even after all these years, Carey is very much on Cody's mind. 

An east Texas woman named Janice dated and lived with Cody for a year in Oklahoma. After they broke up, she got in touch with Carey's sister.

Carey Mae Parker with her daughter and then boyfriend Cody.
Credit Courtesy of Brian Parker
Carey Mae Parker with her daughter and then boyfriend Cody.

Janice says that Cody told her a virtually identical story to the one he told Carey's son Brian on the phone the year she met Cody: They were at a party, a woman named Cactus was there, and Carey ended up throwing a drink in Cody's face. And then she left. 

Carey's sister and others find it difficult to believe Cody's description of having a drink thrown in his face, and then everything being fine afterwards. 

But Janice says that sounds just like him. Despite her suspicions about what Cody might know, she finds it difficult to believe he was capable of murder. To the contrary, she says, Cody tended to deescalate arguments.

"He was so docile. Even our little arguments that we would get into ... it was over as quick as it started. And it was not mentioned again," she says.


George Hale is a radio reporter for KETR and the host of its investigative podcast Buried.
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