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This page curates KETR's news stories related to Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Students offered second chance with new program


Commerce – In an effort to meet Texas’ Closing the Gaps Goals, Texas A&M University-Commerce is implementing a new Second Chance program beginning in the spring 2012 semester. 

Submitted to KETR:

The Second Chance initiative is the perfect opportunity for those who need another chance to gain access to their college education that will return them to the path of completing their college degree. 

Any students who graduated from high school and chose to attend a four-year institution, but did not perform as well as they desired, are being given one more opportunity at A&M-Commerce to go through the admission process based on their freshman criteria.  This will save students time and money. In the past, students would need to repeat coursework at other institutions to improve their GPAs so they would meet our  transfer admissions requirements.

“Not every student is ready to attend a university when he/she graduates from high school,” Director of Undergraduate Admissions Jody Todhunter said.  “Depending where he/she attended school, a student sometimes has a difficult time adjusting to campus life, roommates, an intensive academic rigor or just being away from home.  These factors could lead a student to not do well in their classes and then have a low GPA after one or two semesters.  This is a viable program that will allow a student who may have faltered with his/her grades in the past to get the opportunity to continue their education here at A&M-Commerce.” 

To qualify for Second Chance admittance, in addition to submitting their college transcripts, students may submit their high school transcripts complete with their graduation date and ACT and/or SAT scores.  This application process is unique to the Second Chance initiative whereas transfer students are usually required to submit only college transcripts proving they have completed a minimum of 21 hours and currently hold a GPA of 2.0 or better.  However, Second Chance students who attended an institution offering baccalaureate degrees can be admitted on the basis of the these criteria as if they were freshmen students starting school for the first time. 

Upon admission, Second Chance students will be given a multitude of resources including a Success Coach who will guide them in their academic endeavors throughout their first academic year.  Once admitted into the program, Second Chance students will be required to meet A&M-Commerce GPA requirements in order to remain in good standing, a task Todhunter ensures will be achievable. 

“With the required advising by a Success Coach and the campus resources we provide, a student will be able to succeed here and graduate with a degree,” he said.

If you know of a student who needs a Second Chance, contact Texas A&M University-Commerce today!

For more information contact Mr. Jody Todhunter at Jody_Todhunter@tamu-commerce.edu or at 903.886.5000.