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Ms. Fortner by day, Ms. Brene’ by night

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Madelyn Brene' Fortner aims to make her mark in the world through her music.

We all must embrace the realization that you have to be a caterpillar before you can become a butterfly.

These words come from the mouth of music artist and theatrical producer Ms. Madelyn Brene’ in regards to her upcoming production in which she is both writer and co-director. Though Ms. Brene’ currently hails from Dallas, TX, she credits her love for all things artistic to a rich and culturally diverse background, as well as a both healthy and youthful exposure to the arts. Brene’ whose aunt was an opera singer, and whose mother was a gospel singer, grew up listening to many genres of music. It was perhaps this socialization that allowed her to realize at a very young age that her voice would be one of her greatest tools in her quest to leave a decided mark in the world.


The culmination of this progression can be witnessed at the Margo Jones Theatre on May 9 with the production of Madelyn’s play entitled “Ms. Fortner by day, Ms. Brene’ by night.” The concept is simple; the “Character” Ms. Fortner is an educator who struggles with the classroom interest of a teacher, and the life of a young woman with a voice that is just meant to be bigger. The “Character” Ms. Brene’ is the life of this young teacher after the classroom has emptied and the night lights of the theatre have risen.

When asked about the concept of the production, Ms. Brene’ answered instead with a philosophy. “Life is a class of situations and seasons. We all endure a season of difficult relationships, broken friendships, family problems, and we can choose to be beaten by those scenarios or we can be empowered by them.” She then explains, “the life of this production is just a journey of my own adulthood and search to find my own voice, it is meant to cater to the woman who feels she has not yet discovered her own voice, the man that feels he has not grown into himself, and to everyone else that just needs a little inspiration. I want people to leave the theatre viewing their life and difficulties as class time, and realize that sometimes life’s obstacles make you use your microphone…Our moments of trial make wonderful sounding boards. We all must embrace the realization that you have to be a caterpillar before you can become a butterfly.”

Madelyn Brene’ is an artist, creator, and performer who grasps the concept of introspective artistic expression. Her artistic approach to life is an inspiration to those who have a heart to be inspired. As teacher, artist and performer Madelyn shares her metamorphosis into adulthood, and makes it more than her own life up until this point, she uses her sounding board creatively as an artist finding that small voice in a big world and aspiring to make it bigger. Here is one of her original songs. She'll be appearing in Dallas on May 9.

Art in the Evening is an arts blog authored by KETR volunteer J. Michael Williams.

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