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Jack Cain is recipient of Post 483 Scholarship

Red Henderson Post 483 Vice Commander Butch Burns and Commander Gary Thompson present Cooper High School senior Jack Cain with his $750 local American Legion scholarship.
Courtesy Photo
Cooper Review

The Red Henderson Post 483 of the American Legion presented Cooper High School senior Jack Cain with a $750 scholarship based on his essay submission. Post Commander Gary Thompson and Vice Commander Butch Burns presented Cain with his award on Tuesday, March 17 at City Hall in Cooper.

Post Member Larry Stowers helped make arrangements to inform seniors of the opportunity to participate for this annual scholarship. Cain was chosen from the eleven applications. The requirement of this scholarship included being present on Sunday, February 22 to meet the judges and American Legion representatives to handwrite an essay with a topic of “America’s Freedom and Responsibilities” – a topic to which the participants were not given advance notice.

Second place winner was Kelcie Stager and third place winner was Todd Kleiboer with Cain taking first place.

Post 483 appreciates all the participation making this annual support of Cooper High School seniors successful.

Here is the essay handwritten by Jack Cain:

America’s Freedom and Responsiblities

   Today, America stands as a nation where freedom and secured rights are taken for granted every day. As a nation with awesome power and one who stands for freedom and justice, there comes great responsibility. One beautiful aspect of America is that her rule and responsibility are not held fully accountable to one individual, but rather a number of parts working in unison. Yes, official leaders of our nation carry a load of securing our freedom as well as dealing with the responsibilities. However, the work load and true pressure is put on the military of the United States of America.

   "Land of the free and home of the brave" a statement that speaks volumes across the world. As a functioning nation, America's primary role is to secure safety for her citizens and secure the very rights that were fought for by our fathers before us. These two qualities of America are simply there by declaration, yet they are fought for by those paying the ultimate sacrifice, the unsung heroes of our nation, our military.

   Men and women across the nation take the bold step in joining the military. Their lives from that moment forward are forever changed. These human beings give up their freedom, security, and some even give up their very lives in order for individuals to be able to live in freedom. These brave warriors who are filled with untapped courage proudly take on the label of servicemen and women of the United States of America. Each day they suit up and report for combat thinking of the number of innocent lives they are fighting for. These are the very individuals who bear the burden, first hand, of America's rights and responsibilities. Oh, the amount of courage it takes for individuals to rise up and take on this duty as one who fights for America.

   Another major responsibility that our military takes on is fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. Across the globe, many suffer each and every day at the hands of terroristic groups. As a nation we fight for not only justice in our homeland, but also all over the world. It is America's responsibility to influence and enforce freedom to others who do not possess this luxury. The men and women of the military are the hands and feet of such operations. They are the ones who fight for the innocent and take the initiative to seek out justice for the weak.

   Possessing such title as America comes with an enormous amount of pressure and responsibility. The ultimate sacrifice is paid by those men and women of The United States of America Military who give their time, effort, and in some cases, their lives to secure freedom and handle the responsibility of the title America. Not only do we daily thank the men and women who have fought, we remember those who are fallen. Forever, are we in debt.