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Collin County Sheriff Throws in the Towel

Collin County Sheriff's Office
Collin County Sheriff's Office
A 20-year practice ends, and not all like it.

For the past 20 years, inmates photographed at the Collin County Detention Facility had to drape a towel around their shoulders before the shutter snapped. The measure was a way to hide distinguishing marks – tattoos, birthmarks, or anything else – below the neck.

But the Sheriff’s Office has officially ended the practice, opting instead to use technology. Capt. Jim Moody said his agency now will exclusively use software to digitally hide distinguishing marks below the chin. Moody called the practice of using the towel antiquated, saying the practice probably should have ended 15 years ago.

Not everyone is happy to see the towel discontinued, though. The sheriff’s office originally announced the move away from the towel on its Facebook page. More than a few people commented that they would be sorry to see the towel go. It was considered iconic, as everyone knew where their mugshots were taken.

The sheriff’s office official disagrees.