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Two of the Safest U.S. Cities are in Texas

Plano fared well among America's safest cities.

Two Texas cities are among the 10 safest in the country. That’s according to a report issued by WalletHub Monday.

The report finds that Plano in Collin County and Brownsville are the eighth and tenth safest cities in America, respectively. Rankings looked at residents’ views of safety in their communities, including factors like the presence of terrorist attacks, the number of sex offenders per capita, and hate crime per capita.

Corpus Christi, which ranked 36th overall in the country, finished first in cities reporting the fewest hate crimes. And despite Hurricane Harvey’s presence in the region, Corpus Christi also ranked third, just behind Brownsville, among U.S. cities with the lowest natural disaster risk level.

However, three Texas cities, Dallas, Laredo, and Brownsville were among the five worst cities in the U.S. in terms of number of residents with insurance, with Brownsville finishing dead last overall.

Scott Morgan has been an award-winning journalist since 2001. His work has appeared in several newspapers and magazines as well as online. He has also been an editor, freelancer, speaker, writing teacher, author, and podcaster.