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Sheriff: Missing Firefighter Vanished in East Tawakoni

file photo
file photo
Former Dallas firefighter Michael Chambers.

Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks has retracted his statement that Michael Chambers may have committed suicide.

Thirteen months after a retired firefighter went missing from his Hunt County home, Sheriff Randy Meeks says the man vanished on the other in East Tawakoni.

Last March, Michael Chambers disappeared from his home near Quinlan. On Monday, Meeks told Dallas radio station KRLD that the investigation found phone records showing Chambers cell phone crossed the two-mile bridge connecting East Tawakoni to West Tawakoni at about two-and-a-half miles per hour.

Meeks told the Herald-Banner that he thinks Chambers crossed the bridge on a bike.

On Monday, TV station NBC-5 reported that Meeks suspected Chambers had jumped from the bridge and committed suicide. On Tuesday, Meeks walked that comment back in the Herald-Banner, saying he misspoke and that he had no evidence to back up the claim. He told the Herald-Banner that dive crews had already searched the area around the bridge and had turned up nothing.

Chambers was last seen on a surveillance camera at the Quinlan Walmart March 10, 2017.