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May 11 Evening Newscast: Hundreds of Texans have completed poll watcher training

Wednesday Evening Newscast
Lindsey Wiley

The protocols for the training are a new effect of Senate Bill 1, passed in 2021.

  • Since Texas’ new voting law took effect — which includes training for poll watchers — hundreds of Texans have completed the training so far. Keith Ingram is with the Texas Secretary of State’s Office.

“So, with regard to poll watcher training, I would say that as of two days ago, we’ve had 2,865 folks who have started the training. We have 1,914 who have finished the training and received a certificate.”

Speaking to a panel of Texas lawmakers today [Wednesday], Ingram said [to be a poll watcher under Senate Bill 1, a person must have two certificates, including a certificate of completion from the Texas Secretary of State’s Office showing they have completed the training.

Ingram added that so far, there have been no reports of poll watchers harassing or being too close to voters during elections that have occurred since SB 1 took effect.

  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott says he supports a school voucher program that would allow families to use taxpayer dollars to send their kids to private or charter schools instead of public ones.

At a campaign event in San Antonio Monday, the Republican -- who's running for reelection -- said it's important to fully fund public schools and give parents options.

Abbott's Democratic challenger, Beto O'Rourke, criticized his support for vouchers. O’Rourke says vouchers would harm public school funding.