Cooper Lake State Park, Facebook

Steve Killian, superintendent of Cooper Lake State Park, says the park is open again for day-use only (no camping allowed).  Masks and social distancing are required, and the park playground equipment is not open for children.  Entry fees must be paid online in advance.  Those with a season pass should also go online to get a permit.

City of Paris government could soon be providing $25 coronavirus tests to anyone who wanted them.

In Lamar County, Paris mayor Steve Clifford has announced plans to provide drive-through coronavirus testing to the general public for a fee.

Texas A&M-Commerce

Dr. Nick Patras, director of the Texas A&M-Commerce Counseling Center, considers a recent USA Today article, "Five Ways You Can Stay In Control of Your Life During the Covid-19 Pandemic."  One way is keeping a "to-do" list of things to do with your time each day.  Dr. Patras also recommends limiting the amount of time you watch or listen to the news about the coronavirus situation.

Piece of Mind: Let There Be More Parks

Apr 20, 2020
John Kanelis

By John Kanelis

This blog post might not be of general interest, but those of you who have moved to your "forever home" might appreciate that I am smiling a bit while I write this brief message.

We moved to Princeton, Texas, a little more than a year ago. We settled into a new home in a subdivision that is still under construction. Just a bit south of us -- about a block or so away -- is a large tract of land that eventually is going to become a park.

Lake Tawakoni State Park is open for day-use visits only.

Most Texas State Parks reopened on April 20, but it’s still not business as usual.

Hun Regional Healthcare

Kim Saenz, director of the Hunt Regional Emergency Centers in Commerce and Quinlan, says more testing for the coronavirus is now available, through Hunt Regional Medical Center, the emergency centers, and local medical labs.  Hunt Regional is asking for retired health-care professionals to volunteer to help in the emergency.  Also, Hunt Regional has a link on its web page to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) self-checker for coronavirus.

Ronald David Bailey
Hopkins County Sheriff's Office

A 25-year-old Sulphur Springs man was stabbed to death over the weekend, and another man was arrested in connection to his murder, according to Sulphur Springs police. 

Luke talks west Texas hunting this week
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke travels far out to the Trans Pecos region of Texas to talk hunting and fishing with Austin Bollier (432-556-7287)  with the Double LL Double DD Ranch. Far west Texas offers myriad outdoor activities including hunting for mule deer, gamble quail, javelina, feral hogs (of course). Fishing and the scenery is awesome on the nearby Rio Grande River. Hopefully today's show will help you plan your hunt 'out west'. 

Gov. Abbott Announces Team To Restart Economy, Loosens Some Restrictions

Apr 17, 2020
Texas Governor Greg Abbott

 Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday announced initial steps to reopen the Texas economy during the coronavirus pandemic, including those that in the next week will loosen surgery restrictions at medical facilities, allow all retail stores to provide product pickups and reopen state parks.

Texas A&M Agrilife

Hunt County Master Gardener Wayne Bowman says a good way to start vegetable gardening is by "square-foot gardening" in a space as small as four feet by four feet.  Wayne recommends a raised bed, which could even be on a platform.

Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum, Facebook

Susan Lanning, the director of the Audie Murphy-American Cotton Museum in Greenville, says the museum is collecting the writing of people who are staying at home during the coronavirus crisis, in the form of diary and journal entries.  Photos and art are also being requested.  The documents will provide an excellent historic record of this unprecedented period.  The museum also has started a new YouTube page that may be usef

Piece of Mind: Farmersville Grants Hazardous Pay

Apr 15, 2020
John Kanelis


You know it and I know it, too. When police officers and firefighters suit up for duty, when they honor their oath to “protect and serve” the public, they are performing hazardous duty.

Cindy Roller

Emily Glass, vice president of the Alliance Bank, owner of the Venue at 219, and former mayor of Sulphur Springs, says a customer of the Plain and Fancy Sandwich Shop recently contributed enough money for the business to make its payroll during the coronavirus crisis.  Emily also discusses the decision of the Sulphur Springs City Council to

Greenville Animal Hospital, Facebook

Dr. Karri McCreary, Greenville veterinarian and co-owner of the Greenville Animal Hospital, discourses on some of the problems that occur between pets and senior citizens, and how to create the best matches for each.

Piece of Mind: Go Slow, Gov. Abbott

Apr 13, 2020
Texas Tribune

By John Kanelis

Greg Abbott wants to go slow if he is going to re-open Texas business. The Texas governor plans to let us know what he wants to do later this week, but he has given us a preview of what might be coming up.

Luke "social distancing" from a remote creek above lake Fork.
Luke Clayton

I though during this time of sticking close to home, you might enjoy this little two-part tale of the life of a fictitious wild hog. Part One is below.


by Luke Clayton

Part one

Charli Hodges

A Sulphur Springs man was found dead in a burned truck on Sunday, and four people have been arrested and charged with capital murder in connection with the case.

About three weeks since Hunt County reported its first confirmed case of COVID-19, that number has now risen to 20, including two deaths.

Those reported cases are fairly evenly distributed throughout the county, both geographically and demographically. There are no geographic hostspots disproportionate to the population, nor does any particular age group have a disproportionately high number of reported cases. A look at the numbers:

Gender: 11 women, 9 men.


Dr. Nick Patras, director of the Texas A&M-Commerce Counseling Center, says while at home waiting out the coronavirus, it's important to maintain a normal routine, of waking at a certain hour and doing the usual things necessary to prepare the the day.  Dr. Patras says many students are finding it difficult to be back at home with parents and siblings after becoming accustomed to a certain amount of independence while away at college.

Hunt Regional Healthcare

Pud Kearns with Housewarmers of Greenville says the Hunt Regional Health Care web page features a link to a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) self-checker for the coronavirus, which will help determine if you have symptoms of the illness.

Piece of Mind: Batch Plant Runs Into a Rough Patch

Apr 9, 2020
John Kanelis


A company known for plenty of high-tech advances wants to build a concrete plant near Farmersville and a key Texas government agency has decided to grant the company a permit to do so.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Cynthia Beacom, Hunt County Master Gardener, says perennials are economical and relatively easy to manage in the garden.  She says one of her favorites is the purple coneflower.  She says other colors of the plant don't work as well for her.  She also recommends Jacob Cline bee balm (which attracts bees) and John Fanick phlox (which attracts butterflies). 

Community Seeds

Bert Cooper, the director of the faith-based organizaton Community Seeds in Lone Oak, says they are helping about four times as many people than usual during the coronavirus crisis.  Those in need of help with food, housing or other issues may call (903) 634-5673.  The "incubator kitchen" that Community Seeds has been building for some time to allow people to prepare "homemade" food for sale is complete, but unable to open because of the virus situation.

CASA Hunt County

Lori Cope, director of CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocates) of Hunt County, says CASA is conducting its visit of children in foster care by video conference calls while stay-at-home orders are in effect.  Also, CASA is continuing to provide training of new volunteers via online programs.  April is "Chila Abuse Prevention Month." 

Texas General Land Office

Hunt County Historical Commission chairman Carol Taylor discusses the existence in the 19th and earl 20th centuries of the "pest (for pestilence) house" in many communities, where people with highly contagious diseases were taken to be treated.  In her blog, she writes about a pest house in Virginia where the mortality rate decreased from 50 percent to 5 percent.  Greenville had a pest house where wealthy businessman Tom King went to recover from smallpox.

Cameron Brinkerhoff with an airgun
Luke Clayton

In today's show, Cameron Brinkerhoff with Airforce Airguns ( joins Luke and discusses shooting modern day air rifles. Luke also shares some tips on traveling on hunting and fishing trips during the current restrictions created by the Coronavirus. 

Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always; Facebook

Alice Reese, Herald-Banner movie critic, says while many movies scheduled for release have been put on hold by the coronavirus threat, some are being released for online viewing.  One she highly recommends that would have opened in theaters this weekend is the romance "Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always," although the cost will be a pricy $20.

Gov. Greg Abbott tells Texans to stay home except for essential activity in April

Apr 2, 2020
The state has outlined a list of more than a dozen sectors that provide essential services that comply with Abbott's order, which is largely aligned with federal guidance on the issue.

Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday told Texans to stay at home for the next month unless they are taking part in essential services and activities, announcing a heightened statewide standard to stem the spread of the new coronavirus. He also announced that schools would remain closed until at least May 4.

Public Domain

By John Kanelis

I suppose you could accuse Texas Gov. Greg Abbott of being a bit slow on the uptake in his statewide response to the coronavirus pandemic.

I will not join that chorus. 

Gov. Abbott today issued a stay-at-home order for Texans. Don't leave the house except to purchase essential items, such as food, fuel and assorted necessary household items. We can venture outside, walk around the neighborhood but we just need to keep our distance from our neighbors. The order lasts at least until the end of April. 

Texas A&M Energy Institute

Dr. Dale Funderburk, Texas A&M-Commerce economics professor, assesses the effect on the Texas economy of the recent drop in oil prices caused by the clash between Russia and Saudi Arabia, and the decreasing demand for oil due to stay-at-home policies in place around the country.