John Mark Dempsey


Dr. John Mark Dempsey is an associate professor of radio-television at A&M-Commerce, part of the department of Literature and Languages.  He works part-time as a news announcer-producer for the Texas State Network in Dallas.  Dr. Dempsey was the first student to broadcast on KETR back in 1975 and was also the first person to broadcast Commerce Tigers football on the station (as a student.)

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Community Seeds

Bert Cooper, director of Community Seeds of Lone Oak, says the faith-based organization is expanding its transitional housing program and planning a new rehabilitation facility for men.

Texas Agricultural Experiment Station

Paul Voss, Commerce Chamber of Commerce manager, says the Bois D'Arc Bash golf tournament at Sand Hills Country Club will be Friday, September 20 this year, one week eariler than the rest of the Bash, Septmber 27-28.

Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnosis Laboratory

Dr. Karri McCreary, co-owner of the Greenville Animal Hospital, says dog owners should be more vigilant about preventing heartworms in their pets.  Heartworms are spread by mosquito bites, and from dog to dog. Dr. McCreary says heartworm preventative medicine is relatively inexpensive.  She says she's also seeing a lot of problems this summer with fleas and ticks.

Texas State Historical Commission

Carol Taylor, the chairman of the Hunt County Historical Commission, says progress is being made in locating a cemetery for people who died on the county poor farm in the period from the 1890s to the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Our personal technology commentator, Jeremy Gamez, reflects on a New York Times article in which the author describes his experiences in quitting Facebook.  One of the results, the author says, is that he cut his expenditures on clothing purchases over a six month period from about $1,000 to $300.  Jeremy is the business technical analyst for the Texas A&M-Commerce Provost's office.


Emily Glass, vice president with Alliance Bank in Sulphur Springs, comments on news that the Hopkins County crime rate is the lowest in 19 years, KSST radio reported.

Commerce ISD, Facebook

Commerce ISD Superintendent Charlie Alderman reflects on the beginning of a new school year Tuesday (August 13).  Among the major developments is the opening of the Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Center adjacent to Commerce Middle School, which will provide a variety of services to Commerce families, including medical services from the Carevide community health center in Greenville.

Harry Turner, an officer of the Commerce Community Action Program (C-CAP) and a deacon with Mount Moriah Baptist Church, says the church will host a back-to-school event where school supplies will be provided at 11 a.m. Saturday.


Pud Kearns with Housewarmers of Greenville comments on several upcoming late-summer events in Greenville, including a Back to School Movie, "Lego Movie 2," presented by the Greenville Police and Parks and Recreation Department at 8:30 p.m.

Aggie Horticulture,

Nancy Oliver, Hunt County Master Gardener, describes growing Meyer lemon trees on a patio.  In freezing weather, she wheels the trees, which are in pots, into the house.  She produced more than 140 lemons this year.  And Cynthia Beacom, also a Master Gardener, discusses growing satsuma orange trees on her patio.

Our wellness commentator, Velvete Womack, reflects on an article explaining that some severe headaches may be caused by dehydration.  In the hot summer weather, drinking water is even more important.  It's recommended that a 160-pound person drink 80 ounces of water per day.  Velvete is the owner of Balanced Newtrition in Rockwall.

Hobbs & Shaw, Facebook

Alice Reese, Herald-Banner movie critic, says "Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw" is two hours and 10 minutes of non-stop action that will satisfy fans of the "Fast and Furious" franchise.  Alice says "Once Upon a Time In Hollywood," released last week, is one of Quentin Tarantino's most interesting films, and presents a finely detailed, but revisionist view, of the events of the summer of 1969, 50 year

Greenville Animal Hospital, Facebook

Dr. Karri McCreary, co-owner of the Greenville Animal Hospital, says the hospital has partnered with the Abandoned Pet Project to provide neutering surgeries for feral cats that are caught and brought to the hospital.  The neutering is the "snip," and clipping the end of one of the cat's ears is the "tip," so that the cat can be identified as one that has been treated.  The fee for an individual trapping a cat and bringing it in is $20, thanks for a grant from the Abandoned Pet Project.  Dr.

Hunt County Master Gardener Cynthia Beacom discusses the challenges of late-summer gardening in Northeast Texas, with tips on mulch, watering and late-season plantings.

Mercedes Benz, Facebook

Derek Price, author of the "Cargazing" column, reflects on the three luxury automobiles he's test driven lately, the Mercedes Benz E-635 station wagon, the BMW 850-I, and the Accura NSX.

Commerce ISD, Facebook

Commerce ISD Superintendent Charlie Alderman reflects on the school board's approval of a significant pay raise for all teachers, administrators and staff.  The Commerce ISD received a 19 percent increase in state funding, making the pay increase possible. Teachers will receive a $5,000 stipend and a minimum $2,200 salary increase.  Staff will receive an average 15 percent pay raise.

Dr. Kent Montgomery, head of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Texas A&M-Commerce, says the Aquarid meteor shower is Sunday night into Monday morning (July 28-29), with the peak viewing around 3 a.m.

Bonham Quilt Hop, Facebook

Malinda Allison of Honey Grove discusses the annual Quilt Hop events taking place Friday and Saturday in Honey Grove and Bonham.  Historic and artistic quilts will be on display in numerous locations, including St. Mark's Church in Honey Grove and the Sam Rayburn House in Bonham.

Texas Forest Service

Sarah Latham,

Cooper Lake State Park, Texas Parks & Wildlife

Steve Killian, the complex superintendent at Cooper Lake State Park, discusses the opportunities of the park, which in effect is divided into two separate parks, the South Sulphur Unit on the south side, and the Doctor's Creek Unit on the north side.  Because of the lake's status as a U.S.

Lil' Angels, Facebook

Lonnie Plunkett with Commerce Lil' Angels comments on the "Christmas in July" event at 6 p.m. tonight (Monday, July 22) at Mugs in downtown Commerce.  Those who attend are asked to bring a toy as a Christmas gift for a child.  They'll be eligible to win gift cards from participating businesses.

Disney, Facebook

Alice Reese, Herald-Banner movie critic, finds the new computer-generated animation of "The Lion King" astonishing, and enjoys Disney's remake of the enmormously popular 1994 version of the movie, despite some carping from a number of other critics.  Alice says her favorite movie of the summer so far has been "Yesterday," the fantasy featuring the Beatles' music in a world that has somehow forgotten the Beatles.


Commerce Mayor Wyman Williams says the council will be holding meetings over the next several weeks to receive public comments on the proposed "neighborhood empowerment zones," intended to encourage improvements in some Commerce neighborhoods.  The public meetings will be Tuesday, July 23, at the Abundant Life Assembly, 803 Chestnut St.; Tuesday, July 30, at Commerce City Hall; and Tuesday, August 13 at the Norris Community Center, 1007 Ross St., all at 6 p.m.  Also, a new state law allows tax incentives that m

Carol Taylor

Carol Taylor, chairman of the Hunt County Historical Commission, says her mentor Dr. Jim Conrad, former Texas A&M-Commerce archivist, was "an historian's historian."  Dr. Conrad recently passed away, and a memorial ceremony for him will be held at 5 p.m., Saturday, August 10 at the Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum in Greenville.

Sharon Feldt of Sulphur Springs, our books commentator, reviews a novel by Texas author Ann Weisgarber, "The Glovemaker," set in Utah during the 19th Century, when a woman is confronted with agonizing personal choices.  Sharon is also editor of the regional magazine "Fencepost," and discusses the new edition.

NE Texas Trail, Facebook

Jack Neal, executive director of the Northeast Texas Trail, is joined by Steve Killian, the director the Cooper Lake State Park, who recently hiked the entire length of the trail from Farmersville to New Boston.  Jack  and Steve discuss the characteristics of the trail in different locations along the way.

Spiderman: Far From Home, Facebook

Alice Reese, Herald-Banner movie critic, says "Spiderman: Far From Home" is a worthy addition to the wildly popular series.  It easily led all movies at the box office in its first week of release, with $92 million in ticket sales to $34 million for the second-ranked "Toy Story 4."  Alice did not enjoy "Stuber," an action-comedy about an Uber driver drawn into a police search for a killer, which she says is much t

Velvete Womack, our wellness commentator, discusses the importance of dreaming to our well-being, and ways to sleep better, "perchance to dream."  Velvete is the owner of Balanced Newtrition in Rockwall, a

Greenville Family Theater, Facebook

Pud Kearns with Housewarmers of Greenville discusses summer events, including the Greenville Family Theater's presentation of "Beauty and the Beast," Friday and Saturday, July 12-13 and 19-20 in the Greenville Municipal Auditorium.


Texas A&M-Commerce associate professor of counseling Dr. LaVelle Hendricks says he's participating in the planning for a program to promote civility at the University, at the behest of A&M-Commerce president Dr. Mark Rudin. Dr. Hendricks is also planning an event for Saturday, August 31 to promote good relations between the Commerce Police and students