138 Dogs Seized from Alleged Fannin County Puppy Mill

Jan 8, 2018

Animal welfare officials seized almost 140 dogs from an alleged puppy mill near Honey Grove over the weekend.

The Fannin County Sheriff's Office and the Honey Grove Police Department seized the animals Saturday. SPCA of Texas of Texas took custody of 117 dogs, 21 puppies and two cats.

The SPCA says most of the dogs were living in filthy cages, crates, and kennels. Some cages contained as many as three dogs at a time and many were caked in dog waste.

More than 30 dogs reportedly were housed inside the residence on the property.

“This structure was infested with roaches, which were found crawling all over the dogs and cats housed there,” the SPCA stated in a press release. “In one area, the dogs were being housed in feces- and urine-filled wire crates stacked on top of each other. In another area, a makeshift run of feces- and urine-filled pens held the majority of the dogs. The entire structure was coated in feces and drenched in urine, and the stench of feces and urine was so strong that it caused investigators to gag and could be smelled from well outside the structure. “

The animal owners told investigators they were selling the dogs.

Officials say the animals are being treated for various conditions, ranging from fleas and matted fur to ear infections and tumors. The owner of the property admitted to selling the dogs. A custody hearing for the dogs and two cats also seized from the property is set for this Friday, January 12, in Bonham.