An Airline for Christian Missionaries Takes Wing in Grayson County

Jan 16, 2019

Twenty-five years ago, Everett Aaron, a Christian minister and flight enthusiast, got an idea -- What would it take to start a commercial airline that only caters to Christian missionaries looking to work abroad?

The short answer is, it takes about 25 years if you're starting from the ground up. And several million dollars. 

But this year, Aaron expects his company, Judah 1 Airlines, to take flight. With FAA paperwork mostly 

Everett Aaron is not a commercially rated pilot. But its his company, so if he wants to sit in the captain's seat ...
Credit Scott Morgan / KETR News

done and a few last details to work out, Aaron expects Judah 1 to start making flights to Central and South America.

Listen to Scott Morgan's story above, and take an audio tour of the inside of Judah 1's MD-83 airliner -- a.k.a. the "flying cigar" -- below.