'Breaking Bad' star Mitte promotes awareness of disabilities

Apr 15, 2015

RJ Mitte, 22, made his way to Texas A&M University-Commerce to speak at the Mayo Prestigious Speaker event.

Mitte is best known for his role as Walter "Flynn" White Jr. on the AMC series Breaking Bad. He played the son of Walter White Sr. a chemistry teacher, who is providing for his family by making and selling crystal meth, while battling cancer.

Mitte, whose character has Cerebral Palsy, has a lesser version than portrayed in real life.

Mitte is one of  few actors who have a disability. Bringing awareness is key to acceptance in the field he has chosen.

“A number of movements have been going on for a while to bring awareness of people with disabilities. It’s not just bringing awareness but showing the normality of someone with a disability,” Mitte said.

Among these movements Mitte is a part of is I Am PWD (Performer with Disability), an organization that calls for the inclusion of people with disabilities in arts and media.

“People look at someone with a physical challenge or mental challenge as abnormal, as not what they are used to, when it’s actually the complete opposite” Mitte said.

Earlier in his life Mitte was an avid soccer player, but got bullied in school for the cast and braces he wore on his legs. Awareness and acceptance go hand in hand when it come to disabilities.  

“I think there’s an important role to have when it comes to film and television to bring that awareness and show people the normality [of disabilities]” Mitte said.