Buried Episode 08: In The Woods

Aug 23, 2018

Carey Mae Parker's son reveals that Carey's father Howard admitted to killing someone decades earlier in a foreign country. 


A picture in a family photo album shows a young Carey Mae Parker with her parents and siblings.
Credit Brian Parker

Brian says that Howard spoke to him about killing a German man after a fight at a bar. He says this happened during Howard's deployment during the Vietnam war. 


Brandy, Carey's daughter, says that Howard told her about being attacked in Germany. But she says he never mentioned killing someone later. 

Carey's sister Patricia, meanwhile, contacts a man who Howard claims was present before he killed at least one person and buried him in a well. 

Mike, the son of Howard's neighbor Shorty, who owned the well, says the police have never searched his property. But others in Carey's family say the Hunt Co. Sheriff's Office has approached Mike in the past. 

Mike also reveals a dark secret about the forest behind his house.