Buried Episode 13: No Body, No Crime

Feb 15, 2019

An inmate in a Texas prison can't shake some of the things Carey Mae Parker's ex-boyfriend Cody said while on the run in Oklahoma. 

Billy Givens lived in Tishomingo, OK, until his arrest on warrants from Texas. 

Carey Mae Parker as a toddler appears in a portrait with her older brother Glenn.
Credit Courtesy of Brian Parker

Billy claimed in a 2015 letter that Cody had mentioned Carey's disappearance, and made unusual comments about it. 

"No body, no crime," the letter quotes Cody as saying. 

In a prison interview, Billy says that he still isn't sure what to make of the comments in Oklahoma. He says Cody didn't seem like a violent person, although he had a temper.

Billy's arrest was for failing to register as a sex offender. He was convicted of violent sexual assault as a teenager. However, he adamently maintains his innocence. 

"I feel for Carey's family," he wrote in a 2017 letter. "They are victims as much as anyone in that ordeal ... my heart goes out to them."