Buried Episode 14: The Constable

Mar 21, 2019

The constable Carey Mae Parker's father says he contacted in 1991 had enemies within local law enforcement and the courts.

Howard Parker told his children and grandchildren that he reached out to the Hunt County constable for the area after Carey vanished. 

Carey Parker opens Christmas presents with her son Brian, daughter Brandy, and Brandy's father Leonard Goode.
Credit Courtesy of Brian Parker

The constable, Cullen Smith, died in 2008, and there's no record of him receiving a missing person report anytime before his death. 

Carey's older brother Glenn says Cullen told him years later not to talk to other police about his sister's case. 

Smith's widow, Margaret Smith, doesn't doubt Glenn's recollections of her husband's concerns. 

"He didn't want much to do with the other law enforcement officers because he couldn't trust them," she says.