City seeks bids to rebuild Sayle Street

Feb 18, 2014

The City of Greenville has begun seeking bids on the first phase of a major street reconstruction project.

The city began advertising Saturday for bids on the rebuilding of the south end of Sayle Street. Bids will be accepted through the office of the City of Greenville Purchasing Agent through the afternoon of March 6, at which time they will be opened and made public. The bids will be evaluated and then presented to the Greenville City Council for approval.

Portions of three busy Greenville streets will be rebuilt under the first stage of the effort, which was approved by local voters in May 2013.

The reconstruction of Sayle Street between Kari Lane and Interstate 30 is the first project on the list. The rebuilding of Stonewall Street between Mockingbird Lane and Interstate 30, and Webb Street between Sayle and Wesley Streets will be the next to go out for bids, likely within the next two months.

On May 11, 2013 voters approved the issuance of $12.6 million in bonds to pay for the reconstruction of nine local streets. The bond proposition called for rebuilding the above three streets during the current fiscal year.

The section of Sayle Street included in the package was never designed to handle the vehicle load it has received since Lowe’s and the adjacent Kari Beth shopping center were constructed, as well as the traffic coming from the Greenville SportsPark. Cost of the work has been estimated at $920,000.