Code Maroon: TAMU-College Station Under Bomb Threat

Oct 19, 2012

UPDATE 4:30 - The Texas A&M University Campus has been reopened. A search is still ongoing, but the high traffic areas have been cleared.

While Texas A&M University remains closed for normal operations,  students, faculty and staff will be allowed back on campus to retrieve their personal items and vehicles starting at 4pm.   It has been  five hours since the initial threat was received, and the investigation is still ongoing.  Other areas are still being searched.  The high traffic areas including the residence halls, MSC, Reed Arena,  Kyle Field have been cleared.  All essential personnel and those involved in this evening's activities need to report as scheduled.  If employees have any questions, they should contact their supervisor for further instructions. 

Transportation Services has resumed regularly scheduled transit service from the MSC and Trigon for both on and off-campus routes.


UPDATE 2:30 - Evening activities for the campus have not been canceled. Emergency responders are searching those facilities to insure they are safe for tonight's events.


UPDATE 2:15 - Campus is still closed due to the bomb threat. Emergency responders are still searching the campus facilities.


UPDATE 1:07 - All classes have been canceled for today on the Texas A&M University-College Station campus. Activities are canceled until further notice. Buses have been re-routed to stay off-campus.


Original Story 11:42 a.m -

One day after Texas State University received a bomb threat that sent students and faculty away from their admissions building, Texas A&M University-College Station has now received a similar notification, only this time it's for the whole campus.

The Texas A&M University emergency system sent out a Code Maroon.

The University has received a campus-wide bomb threat. We are asking all students, faculty, and staff to evacuate campus as quickly and as safely as possible by foot. Do not use a vehicle at this time. This evacuation is effective immediately until further notice.

This threat is one of many that have occurred in the last month including one at University of Texas at Austin, and Louisiana State.

We will keep you posted as the event unfolds.