Convo: Black. Female. Texas Radio Journalist. No, You Haven't Heard That Before

Jul 18, 2018

Public radio has a diversity problem. In a medium that struggles so hard to be balanced, neutral, and inclusive in everything it does, it still has few black female reporters and hosts.

DaLyah Jones is one of those few. Actually, in Texas, she’s the only person who can claim to be a black, female public radio host. She is a reporter, podcaster, and fellow All Things Considered host at KUT-FM in Austin. Turns out, that makes her somewhat of a pioneer.

And it gets lonely.

On this episode of Convo, Jones and I discuss what it means to “code switch” in Texas’ numerous white spaces, the difference between ‘intention’ and ‘execution’ in unlearning white privilege, “Eloquent Rage,” and the weight of mental illness among people of color.

Note: Technical problems make for a few wonky audio moments in this episode. The content is worth it though. sm