Dems: County clerk raised funds illegally

Jan 29, 2014

The Texas Democratic Party has alleged that a Rockwall County employee used a government facility to fundraise for the Republican Party.

The Texas Democratic Party has requested a criminal investigation into possible illegal election activity at the Rockwall County Clerk’s office, according to a release from the party on Jan. 29.

Also, the Democratic Party’s general counsel, Chad W. Dunn, has issued a cease-and-desist letter to Rockwall County Clerk Shelli Miller. The letter alleges that Miller has engaged in unlawful political fundraising.

On Dec. 16, Miller’s Facebook page advertised the sale of tickets for the Rockwall County GOP Reagan Day 2014 at the county clerk’s public office, according to the Democrats’ release.

Stephen Jacobs, a Rockwall County resident, heard about the sale of tickets at the county clerk's office and found an advertisement online, the release said. Jacobs requested a ticket on Dec. 19 and the next day he purchased the ticket at the county clerk’s office, according to the release.

“I was shocked that the county clerk would be fundraising for partisan political events at a public office," Jacobs was quoted as saying in the release. “As a Rockwall County taxpayer, I know that this is not where my tax dollars should be going.”

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who is also a gubernatorial candidate, is scheduled as keynote speaker for the event on Feb. 1. Given the involvement of the Abbott Campaign in the Rockwall County GOP Reagan Day, the Texas Democratic Party called for the appointment of an independent special investigator to look further into the case, the release said.

Miller is running in the March 4 Republican primary election for another term as county clerk.