Drought Conditions Better, but Spreading in NE Texas

Jun 7, 2018

Drought conditions have improved and spread at the same time in Northeast Texas. Whereas last week showed spots of moderate drought, Thursday’s report from the U.S. Drought Monitor shows that with the exception of Fannin County and slivers of Grayson and Lamar counties, all of Northeast Texas is abnormally dry.

The extreme southwestern corner of Fannin County is abnormally dry too, but the rest of the county is still in the clear.

All but six counties in the state this week have at least a piece considered at least abnormally dry. Deep East Texas, along the Arkansas border, is under moderate drought.

Conditions in the Panhandle are still pretty bad, but better than they’ve been. Eight counties in the Panhandle are still coping with exceptional drought. A month ago that was true for most of the four dozen counties in that region. With a few exceptions, the Panhandle remains under at least severe drought conditions.