Hubbell now rubble

There's another change to the landscape at Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Another part of the landscape at Texas A&M University-Commerce has changed.

Call it rubble at Hubbell. Without any fanfare, Hubbell Hall at A&M-Commerce is no more. Demolition of the residence hall took place before Thanksgiving.

The men's dormitory was named for the Dean of Women and assistant history professor Julia Hubbell, who worked from 1923 through 1957.

Hubbell taught in what was then the East Texas State training school as well as the college. The residence hall opened in 1968 and was used through May of 2006.

It was said, according to Dee Rinkes-Marshall of Gee Library's Archives and Special Collections department, that the ghost of Julia Hubbell was known to walk the halls, especially around the lobby area, on the third floor. Perhaps that's why demolition didn't start until after Halloween.

Directional signs are still in place, not taking you to the three story structure but to a pile of bricks surrounded by a fence. And Hubbell Drive remains.

Photos taken by KETR General Manager Bill Oliver.

What used to be the front of Hubbell Hall.

A warning sign on the north side of Hubbell. Bill wonders how many times this door was propped open in the middle of the night to sneak in and out and did anyone keep this sign as a souvenir?

From the back of the Hubbell just as asbestos abatement and removal was beginning in July, 2007 .

One of the signs still showing motorists the way to Hubbell.

One of the pedestrian signs telling you Hubbell is straight ahead.
Look closely, straight ahead is now "Hubbell's Rubble"?a pile of bricks surrounded by a portable fence.

One of the views of the demolition.

Another view.

And one more look.

Mrs. Hubbell won't be totally forgotten.

Thanks again to Dee Rinkes-Marshall of the Archives and Special Collections department of Gee Library at Texas A&M University-Commerce for her assistance in researching Julia Hubbell and Hubbell Hall.