Humane Society Alleges 'Shameful' Conditions at Mt. Pleasant Slaughterhouse

Jun 27, 2017

An undercover investigation into alleged inhumane conditions at Georgia-based chicken processing company Pilgrim’s Pride also names the company’s Northeast Texas slaughterhouse in a set of cruelty complaints. 


The Humane Society of the United States Tuesday announced having witnessed multiple instances of alleged abuse to the animals at both the Hull, Georgioa, and Mt. Pleasant, Texas, locations, including beatings, crude methods of killing the animals, and violently shackling the birds’ feet. A Humane Society video also allegedly shows a worker at the Mt. Pleasant facility  is shown repeatedly slamming the same chicken into shackles for no apparent reason.

The Humane Society has filed cruelty-to-animals complaints with the Madison County Sheriff’s Department in Danielsville, Georgia, and the Titus County Sheriff’s Office in Mt. Pleasant.

 A spokesman for the Humane Society called the conditions at both Pilgrims Pride facilities shameful. The company has made no statement.