If the Summer Drought Lowered Game Populations, No One Told Northeast Texas Hunters

Oct 10, 2018

One of the ripple effects of this past summer’s drought around Texas has been a downswing in wild animals in some parts of the state. On Wednesday, the Texas Farm Bureau reported that game birds like quail and turkey are fewer in number thanks to dry months across what at peak drought was about 80 percent of Texas.

Deer is another quarry on the list. But none of that seems to be affecting Northeast Texas hunters.

“I don’t think deer were impacted at all in Northeast Texas,” says Luke Clayton outdoorsman and host of Outdoors with Luke Clayton on KETR. He says that as a hunter he’s neither seen nor heard about any game dropoff at all. The rain has been heavy enough to allow trees to produce acorns and nuts aplenty – just the types of foods deer forage for.

According to the US Drought Monitor, drought is entirely gone from Northeast Texas.

At least for the time being.