Large Grass fire reported near Commerce

Aug 19, 2013

A large grass fire was reported near Commerce early Monday afternoon, threatening structures.

At around 1 pm Monday, KETR got reports of the blaze near TX Hwy 224 and the TX Hwy 178 overpass.

Multiple Commerce Fire Department vehicles were on scene fighting the blaze which stretched nearly half a mile down the 224 frontage road, with two ambulances nearby for medical support.

The blaze threatened a wireless tower site, owned and operated by SBA Communications, but firefighters were able to put that portion of the blaze out before the site was damaged.

At the same time, there was a secondary grass fire also located on Hwy 224 three quarters of a mile northeast of the first fire, with at least two vehicles fighting that blaze.

The fires were believed to have been started by a vehicle dragging a chain, causing sparks to ignite nearby grass.

No injuries were reported.