Photos: Eating, Dancing, and Raising Cultural Awareness

Apr 17, 2018

Texas A&M University-Commerce plays host to hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students from around the world each year. And so, each year, the institution offers the annual Global Cultural Festival to campus and community attendees. On April 10, 2018, many university students whose homes are outside the United States shared the clothing, food and experiences that they enjoy in their home countries.

Among the festivities was a talent show in which students shared poems, songs, and traditional and modern dances with connections to the countries and regions the students call home. Participating acts competed for first, second, and third place awards.

Students took great pride in sharing many aspects important to them from their home. Each country was represented by a table in the hallway of the Rayburn Student Center on the university campus; each table labeled with the flag indicating that table's students' home country. Participants shared some of their favorite traditional cuisine with passion, explaining the ingredients and any ceremonies relating to the sharing of such a meal to all visitors. Some tables even featured traditional toys and activities from that particular country. For example, Japanese students taught origami and calligraphy to the visitors of their space. 

Organizers of the event shared that it's important to learn about other cultures and their values in order to maintain a globally aware society. This festival provided an unique opportunity to visitors to, "travel the world," without ever leaving the building. Attendees were able to experience culturally diverse sights, sounds, and tastes from the world over, all from the comfort of the university campus.