Texans on ice? Walk like an Antarctican

Dec 5, 2013

Big ice storms in Texas do happen, but not all that often. They're about as frequent as University of Alabama football losses. And, just like Bama fans when the Tide falters, Texans often aren't quite sure what to do when ice attacks.

One thing not to do is drive. doesn't matter if you're a commercial driver in a four-wheel-drive Subraru Outback with new snow tires. No amount of technology or skill can defy the laws of physics. Driving on ice is deadly.

The best thing to do, if you can, is to stay inside and let the mayhem occur without you.

If you need to take out the trash (those chicken soup cans can be kind of stinky) or walk on ice for any other reason, don't stride like you're walking to pick up your high school diploma. You need to walk a bit more like a...penguin. Makes sense, right?

Specifically, the way to walk on ice is to keep your weight distributed above your front leg (see graphic below). 

It might look kind of dumb, but you'll remain vertical. 

Keep your weight above your front foot as you walk on ice.
Credit Tablet Inforgraphics