Republication Policy

88.9 KETR/ Republication Policy

Local media, defined as anyone within the range of our terrestrial broadcast signal, are welcome to republish KETR news content in any medium (online, broadcast, print), without seeking prior permission, provided the following guidelines are followed.

  1. Editing. You can’t change the story in any way except:
    1. Changing references to time (say, “today” to “yesterday”)
    2. Changing to suit your in-house style rules (punctuation, abbreviations, etc.)
    3. Omitting text for length. Just include “This story has been edited for length.”
  2. You can republish our photos and graphics as long as you’re running them on the stories with which they originally appeared. If you want to run a photo or graphic apart from that story, you must seek permission.
  3. Give us credit. Please publish the author’s name using the following format: by Mark Haslett, KETR-FM. If published online, link back to our home page,, in that byline, if possible. If the website does not allow linked text in bylines, link back to using this sentence at the bottom of the article: KETR is a public radio station licensed through Texas A&M University-Commerce that serves the communities of Northeast Texas at 88.9 FM and at
  4. If published online, please send an email to with the link to the republished story.
  5. Don’t resell the story to someone else.
  6. Don’t sell ads against our story. Feel free, however, to publish it on a page surrounded by ads you’ve already sold.
  7. If we send you a request to remove the content from your side, you must agree to do so immediately.

Here are the guidelines for media outside KETR’s service area who wish to publish KETR’s content.

  1. NPR and its member stations may use the content as they see fit without seeking permission.
  2. Other non-commercial media may use the content without seeking persmission if they follow the above guidelines for local media.
  3. Commercial media must contact directly to seek permission for republication.