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In the spring of 1991, a young woman named Carey Mae Parker went missing from the Lake Tawakoni area of northeast Texas. Her disappearance devastated a family and still hasn’t been solved. But there’s something unusual about Carey’s case. After years without answers, family members made a shocking discovery: Police had never investigated. For nearly 20 years, no search was conducted, and no one was questioned. And Carey isn’t the only one missing. Buried is a production of KETR, public radio for northeast Texas. Reporter George Hale has been following the family of Carey Mae Parker as they pursue the truth about her disappearance, and about some of the people who let it happen. Starting this fall, KETR will be taking a hard look at how law enforcement in Northeast Texas tackles crime against our most vulnerable citizens.
What is cryptocurrency? Exactly how afraid of North Korea should we be? And does the backlash against sexual harassment really mirror the fall of the USSR? Life is full of interesting questions. And even more interesting answers. Join KETR's Scott Morgan for enlightening, informative, and entertaining chats on timely (and maybe even just plain weird) topics on Convo.
Notably Texan
Notably Texan host Matt Meinke often sits down with Texas singers and songwriters, and we post those conversations right here for you!
The Blacklands Café
The Blacklands Café is a visit each weekday with some of the most interesting people in Northeast Texas. Authors, politicians, representatives from non-profit organizations, business leaders, thought leaders, and others visit with host John Mark Dempsey and "have a cup of coffee on the house." New episodes post each weekday.
Points of Interest
A university campus is a hub of diversity, opinions and growing young minds. So much happens so quickly in such a concentrated place, so... there must be stories. Join student and host Emma Anderson as she searches East Texas and her college town for students, stories and experiences that you may have never stopped to think about. Points of Interest covers any and every topic on an episodic basis from young engagements and East Texan adventures to the possibility of other life in the universe. From a campus, to East Texas, to you ears- be prepared for new perspectives, ideas and experiences. Everyone has a story, are you ready to hear them out?
Lions Roar
A weekly chat with coaches, student athletes, and sports topics, led by Josh Manck.
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