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Fast-paced blue catfish action!

Lake Tawakoni guide David Hanson talks fast blue catfish action with Luke this week
Luke Clayton
Lake Tawakoni guide David Hanson talks fast blue catfish action with Luke this week

Luke joins his long time friend Tawakoni guide David Hanson for some fast paced blue catfish action. The rising water the past week has congregate catfish around the mouth of creeks and fishing has been, as they say, "OFF THE CHAIN". Click to learn how this veteran guide is putting limits of good eating mostly blue catfish in the box. Contact David Hanson at 903-268-7391. Email Luke Clayton through his website www.catfishradio.org

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  • Luke visits again this week with Dodge City Marshal Allen Bailey (www.westernswingandotherthings.com). The topic this week is bow building. The marshal describes the woods he chooses for constructing his bows and some of the properties of the different woods that make them suited for bows.
  • This week, Luke visits with his friend Samuel Old from Virginia and the topic is managing for wildlife. Samuel is an astute student of the subject and in today's show, he shares some of the things he's learned through years of managing his farm for wildlife. to learn more about Mr. Old, visit his Facebook page, Craig's Creek Deer and Wildlife Management. Email Luke Clayton through his website www.catfishradio.org
  • Join Luke and his guest Dodge City Marshal Allen Bailey this week. The marshal is an expert bow builder and Luke originally planned to talk bow building with the good marshal but the talk quickly morphed into the early days of Dodge City, Kansas. Bailey was the official Marshal for seventeen years and traveled all over promoting Dodge City. Luke promised to get the marshal back and discuss the art of building bows from scratch. Learn more about Bailey and his show at www.westernswingandotherthings.com
  • This week, Luke interviews a brand new guide service on Lake Tawakoni Chums on The Water (www.chumsonthewater.com). Casey Laughlin and Brett Kilmer have teamed up to form the new guide service. Both guides have fished Tawakoni for years and decided to share their fishing knowledge with clients. Luke fished with the guys a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed some fun times on the water using live shad to catch some nice hybrid stripers. In today's show, Brett shares some hybrid striper catching tips that will help you put fish in the boat. Check out the website or call 972-741-8398.